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Oct 5, 2015
Hey guys :)

For those who knows i was looking for a cooldown adress in Plants vs Zombies and I FOUND IT!!

The adress has this operation: [edi+24]
I want change to: [edi+48] so the cheat can work...

How I can do that coding? No idea, I searched a bit for tutorials, but couldn't understand. If someone can link me to another tutorials or give me a example code I would be amazed!



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Jan 21, 2014
if you want to edit it in cheat engine just double click on the instruction and change it:

If you want to change it in your c++ trainer or whatever just WriteProcessMemory and change the one byte from 0x24 to 0x48.

Here is an example:

The instruction is 3 bytes, the instruction is at address 0x04b8f8a. The byte you want to change is the third byte in the instruction which you want to change to 0x48. So 0x04b8f8a + 0x2 = 0x4B8F8C puts you at the third byte which is the byte that corresponds to the 0x24

So do this:
WriteProcessMemory(hProcHandle, (LPVOID)(0x4B8F8C), "0x48", 1, NULL);


Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
overwrite the byte with the value of 0x24 with 0x48, you dont even have to know how the instructions are encoded in order to do that
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