Solved Write Process Memory Alternative or New Way

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Feb 26, 2014
Hi all;

How to "Bypass" or Alternative of WriteProcessMemory ?

Because this function is safe, but not for all..

Just Eg:

WriteProcessMemory(Process.Handle, (PBYTE*)(Process.Engine + 0x123A56), &var, 12, 0);
I use too NtWriteVirtualMemory but it's similare and not working sometimes.

I Search Alternative because : Actually, i use WPM for No_oB Hack CSS Project, and it works like a charm.
I use Mouse_Event instead of WPM for Triggerbot.

But for Aimbot, Mouse_Event is very hard because i should create big loop to calcAngle, Postion etc... AND after that mouse_event >> Shoot Attack.

Any ideas ?
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