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What Would You Rather Play?

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Jul 18, 2012
I'm curious what you guys would rather play. This came up to me when I was trying to figure out what to play while I was extremely bored. I decided to play some Black Ops 2 since I had barely touched it since I purchased it and I knew that was a lot of animosity from the 'hardcore' gaming community towards CoD games, with good reason, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable. :)
There can be a lot of different reasons you pick what you pick.
Me for example, I would probably pick the hardcore game that I some-what enjoy because I would to progress in it and become very competent in the game. Whereas a "nooby" game, even if you're the best, you'd still be considered a noob for playing the game.

This interests me so I'd like to hear your opinions. :)
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Dec 15, 2013
Undead Burg
Hardcore, as in deemed popularity? Or in the sense of difficulty, like Dark Souls. If it has to do with difficulty, then I already like hardcore games. Anything that'll challenge you to think about your choices before you make them, or is so challenging it makes you want to quit is pretty much what I'd go for. But if a game that I really liked was deemed nooby, I'd still play it, but in complete secret. Can't have my friends finding out about the latest My Little Pony game, right? :p

I don't play My Little Pony games, but I have played CoD games, and have enjoyed them. I wouldn't consider CoD games to be nooby, nor any game in fact. I just think different people have different tastes in gaming.