[WIP] v0.96 AssaultCube MultiHack

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Dec 15, 2013
Here is the latest update to the hack. It includes an aimbot, unlimited ammo for all guns (No akimbo yet), unlimited health, unlimited armor, unlimited grenades, no timers for reloading (Also makes grenades throw faster, and the knife have no timer), save position, go to saved position, and a telekill hack that teleports all of the bots a little above and away from you with 1 health.

  • [F1] Unlimited Ammo
  • [F2] Unlimited Health
  • [F3] Unlimited Armor
  • [F4] No Timers
  • [F5] Unlimited Grenades
  • [F6] Aimbot
  • [F7] Save Your Position
  • [F8] Go To Your Saved Position
  • [F9] TeleKill
  • [INSERT] Exit

Numpad Toggles

Changed Back To F1-8
Fixed TeleKill
Removed BreadCrumbs

Added The Aimbot
Added TeamCheck
Building GingerBread House

Adding An ESP
Adding A Game Type Filter
Smoothing Out The Aimbot
Adding Candy Cane Walls

The aimbot and telekill work only on team games. On deathmatch, there will be players that won't be targeted. The aimbot and telekill are run in a separate exe. so that they can run much faster. When I had them with the main exe., the console window constantly updated and caused them to lag. The aimbot is still a bit glitchy, and will stop working for the round (or until all enemies are killed) if you use the telekill.

You have to run the AssaultCube MultiHack v0.96 first, then the AssaultCube Aimbot (Which also holds the code for the TeleKill).

Credits to Fleep for his fantastic tutorials, AnomanderRake for helping in the more difficult parts of coding, maxdd for the aimbot geometry, everyone on guidedhacking for being great motivators ;), and the numerous sources around the internet that I used to piece together the final aimbot math.


Detection ratio: 0 / 54

0 out of 22 scanners

Happy Hacking!


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Jan 21, 2014
Congratulations you got the aimbot working!!
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