Why should I give Credits?

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May 20, 2012
Here at GuidedHacking we see new releases every day. Although many of these releases are an individual's work many of us use public source or follow tutorials to help us with our hacks.

Because of this it's essential that you credit any sources that have helped you complete your project, whether its a hack, trainer or any other release.

When should I give credits?
  • If you copied and pasted any code that wasn't originally yours (One liners and function calls don't count)
  • If you followed a tutorial very closely
  • If someone has helped you(E.g. Fixed your code or gave you good advice on how to move forward)

Use Common sense, if you feel someone has helped you in any way you should credit them.

Note that giving credits doesn't affect the quality of your project, we all follow tutorials and sometimes copy code so don't worry about your 'status' being affected as we are a learning hacking site.

This is overall good practice for any site you may be a part of, if you use someone else's code and later credit them you are thanking them for their work. Through this they are much more likely to continue helping and providing future releases.

Think about it, if you spent many days working on a hack and release the source. Wouldn't you like anyone that uses it to recognize the hard work that you put into it?

If you see your work in another user's thread, contact the user 1st and ask them to add your name and let them know you are the author.

If the thread poster doesn't comply or reply to you, contact me or any of the moderators with evidence (screenshot, source etc) and we will happily add your credits to the post.

Note that if you are is constantly found using other people's code without any crediting you will be warned and may receive an infraction.



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Aug 14, 2012
This is important, some users take this very seriously e.g. AlexSleyore
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