Why did X get banned?

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May 20, 2012
So every now and then someone gets banned, it's normal for some of us to be wondering why.

Although there could be many answers to this question it's usually broken down into 2 reasons.

1.User is a spammer, these users are never noticed and are banned most days for being flagged as advertising.
2.User broke one or more of the RULES, the most commonly broken rules are #2 Flaming, #4 Pointless posting.

#2 gets broken a lot because some people believe it is acceptable to disrespect other members, this often happens when a member has more experience in hacking than other members.

So next time you see someone being banned, it is most likely because they Flamed someone else's work or disrespected a member or mod directly.
We don't ban anyone for personal reasons, we do it to make sure GuidedHacking remains a friendly and a supportive hacking community.

Note:This description is not directed at anyone in particular, there have many people banned with this generic attitude.

This was made as this question gets asked a lot after a regular user is banned.