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Nov 25, 2014
Hello everyone,

first i shall tell something about myself:
I always wanted to make an aimbot for my favorite game APB reloaded, because these days you can't win anymore without, because almost everyone has some sort of hack. I searched a bit for things and ofcourse i came to the conclusion that i had to learn programming (c++).
I din't get far with it, because i thought i could learn it easily with only watching youtube videos. A year later or so i already forgot the whole hacking thing, but decided i wanted to learn programming and really this time, so that is what i am doing. Now i want to start I think i already learned enough to start making simple hacks and working to the top, but that is one of my questions:

question 1: Do i know enough, i can use the following things (in C++ ofcourse): variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, arrays, vectors and i know about classes (i am learning inheritance now)

question 2: I can't really find some really good tutorial or learning source, so how did you start (kind of hacks, learning process, etc.) and do you have some good learning sources. (I don't know if the tutorials on this site are enough to learn hacking)

really thanks if you could help me out with this


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Dec 15, 2013
edit: do the guide Guide - START HERE Beginners Guide to Learning Game Hacking

"I can't really find some really good tutorial or learning source"....... Fleep's tutorials are unbelievably noob friendly, and it's where I started learning. Start with "C++ How to hack any game" and do both the external and internal parts. Then just practice it on a few games (ASSAULTCUBE, you don't know how to deal with anti-cheats yet. Don't get banned for using a hack in a game with an anti-cheat.) Once you're done with that, move on to the cheat engine tutorials, then the ollydbg tutorials. Then once you have all of those finished and fully understood, move on to the BHop tutorial, then the triggerbot, then the aimbot, then the ESP. That's when you'll really start to have a solid foundation in hacking.

And yes, you know enough. Unless you don't. Time will tell, I guess.

Also, "I don't know if the tutorials on this site are enough to learn hacking". If you looked around you'd see LOADS of amazing hackers, some who have learned from Fleep's tutorials. And why not try them first? Every source you can get to learn how to hack is useful (mostly), most people won't even share their knowledge unless you have a ton of knowledge yourself.

Anyways, best of luck learning how to hack. Be sure to continue learning C++ as well.
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Mar 6, 2013
Just from what I've observed, if you say "I think I have enough knowledge, but can't find any good tutorials" then you don't have enough knowledge or simply haven't found your hacker mindset. Hacking is about finding things, if you can't find something specific on the internet about programming in plain English what makes you think you can find specific instructions in a sea of assembly?

Don't get me wrong, you seem to be streets ahead of many of the other beginners, but you probably need more practical experience. Go through the cheat engine tutorials.


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May 3, 2013
I would recommend learning some asm too. A lot of this comes down to reversing in one way or another and if you don't know at least a bit of asm you will have a hard time knowing what you are looking at.
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