What did You do/get?

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So.... Its the winter time.. and people give out stuff around this time of year. So on Christmas I'm hanging out with my sister. So far this year I have obtained An anime BlueRay, 2 lotto tickets, $50, a bottle of whisky, a bottle opener, A DJ Khaled CD, and a good bit of candy ^_^.

How about Yous?
I've gotten a new phone and a few books. I'm also giving my gf
some pendant thing on Christmas. I honestly don't get what girls
see in jewelry. For Christmas I usually do presents and stuff in the
morning (I'm still a teenager) then go to one of my friend's house's
if my family isn't doing something. So it should be pretty fun. It's
also supposed to snow a bunch here too!

Update - Today I get a new AR drone and a kindle fire from my
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Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
Mankei Iland
I wrote to Santa that I'm in a need of a new bed mattress, since the current one is like as old as I am pfff. And now I'm just giving away stuff because I already have everything I need :D
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