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Mar 23, 2017
When trying to bypass anti-cheats, I hear people talk about how you don't need a full bypass for 'undetected internal hacks'.
I'm guessing this means things like editing the .exe with a hex editor to change something once you know where it is with Cheat Engine or Olly or something like that, and then running the game without any bypass might not detect it?

Do anti-cheats make sure the game matches bytes exactly at launch? Is there a way to cheat at games undetected without having to inject anything (which is what triggers most anti cheats)?


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Mar 19, 2014
As said, most modern games do integrity checks for its dynamic link libraries (.dlls) and (.exe) files, and usually also check for modified or missing assets. So modifying assembly or using a hex editor usually won't do you much good, unless you find a way to disable or get around those checks.

"Is there a way to cheat at games undetected without having to inject anything (which is what triggers most anti cheats)"?

Yes, you can make hacks that don't have to be injected. Injecting itself is not what gets you banned usually. Many legit programs such as overwolf and discord inject their overlay into your game and you won't get banned for it. But ring0 anticheats like battleeye will block them and they wont work since they don't allow any injections or handles besides themselves or whitelisted programs.


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Dec 13, 2013
To make it short
A full bypass allows you to do whatever you want to, without any fear to get detected, as long as the ac is not updated.
Editing the exe might be possible, but this is more cracking than gamehacking, not saying its not worth a try.
I dont understand the next question...
Yes, some ac's and some games themselves (or their launchers) check the checksum of the game files.
There are external hacks. Wether a hack is undetected or not does not depend on wether it is internal or external, but how good you circumvent their ac.


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Jan 21, 2014
Most modern games will have integrity checking on the files on disk, hex editing generally won't work but once they are loaded into memory as long as their is no anticheat you should be able to hax0r stuff. Completely depends on what kind of anti-debug they implement


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Jul 21, 2016
Hex editing would work like in 2008~2009. I remember about one hack for Grand Chase that used .exe editing but a few years later it stoped working due integrity checks (everything rake said above)
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