Want to create cheats - Point Blank - Cross Fire - Answer questions please. :=)

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Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
You pretty much answered to yourself by saying
ᵁᴻᴷᴺᴼᵂᴻ;17413 said:
I think i'll need C++


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Oct 29, 2012
Advice: Use spell checker :p ....go through Fleep's tutorials to learn how to write hacks for games. You also need to have a good understanding of C++ and how to read/write to processes. Don't expect to be writing esp's overnight. Read as many game hacking and C++ tutorials has you can. Read, read, read, read. When your done reading, read some more. Download Cheat Engine to read process memory addresses. Post any questions you have to the forums and someone should be able to help. Have fun and welcome to the addiction!! :)
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