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Jan 21, 2014
How long you been coding/hacking?
Just messing around today, installed Visual Studio 2017 and was looking at extensions.

Found one really awesome one that cleans, formats, beautifies your code and more called CodeMaid I suggest everyone downloads it and uses it.

CodeMaid Download

Just click "Cleanup All Code" to fix up your entire solution. You can even set it to automatically run everytime you save the solution.


Then I found a cool extension that also has a file explorer context menu right click thingy that is very useful for sharing projects or uploading to forums such as this one. It reduces the filesize by removing stuff the downloader doesn't need and it even zips it up automatically for you. It does it without deleting anything from your original project folder, so you don't risk losing anything.

CleanProject on CodePlex
CleanProject on MSDN

You can configure it however you want and I made a modification to it using a .reg file that makes it remove more crap files.
I'm uploading the installer here because I fear the codeplex link will die soon, and I'm including a .reg that mods it out like I have mine.

If you're uploading anything to the forum you should be using this! It's 2 clicks and your .zip is ready.
Instructions:Run installer, Merge .reg file
Ron Jacobs is da man for making this

Try SolZipper instead of CleanProject, it's a GH tool

Virus Scan


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Aug 9, 2013
Great extension, pretty helpful tools would save tons of time.
Thanks for sharing them.

BTW Using the original context settings for CleanProject did horrible job cleaning a console application in c++ but using your settings did almost a good job except living the .exe files, however if someone needed a full clean including the exe just add /RF:*.exe to the reg file, thank you again Rake.
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