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May 29, 2016

I am trying to make an aimbot for AC and following fleep's tut. But now I don't understand how you find the viewangle vector.
Is it the first float from the angles?



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Jun 7, 2012
A vector (View angles, specifically being a vec3) consists of 3 floats.
Pitch, yaw, and roll. The vector starts with the address of pitch. Just like an array, the very first one is the address you want.
So if you find one of you view angles, you can probably just do CTRL + B to see the memory viewer, and change the view type to float. When you move your crosshair you should see the x and y (pitch and yaw) moving. And the third number remaining 0. (the third number is of course, roll which is 0 unless you change it for whatever reason) So just make sure you are using the first of the 2 numbers that moves and you have the correct address.

(Just in case you are confused on the topic of pitch yaw roll here is a pic)
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