[UPDATED]MW3 PubHook 1.337 Silent Aimbot | ESP | Chams

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Feb 11, 2013
[UPDATED]MW3 PubHook 1.337 Silent Aimbot | ESP | Chams

Finally got VAC'ed after a year and a bit of non-stop mw3 hacking, so have this public shit. VAC status is totally unknown, this might well be what got me banned, but idgaf. The in-game banner was encoded and made hard to remove, I can't be bothered to remove it, if I get banned for sharing my hard work with the public then so be it.

I'll say this: If you don't want to get banned, DON'T USE AUTOWALL. It's the most likely to be detected.

No-Recoil (pictured) is no longer a feature.

Box ESP with info - That guy with a SMAW didn't get you this time.
Aimbot - Mice are for noobs
Autowall - hehehehehehheehe
Variable Prediction - Let the aimbot take care of that lag for you
Aimbone Selection - Hit 'em where it hurts
Silent Aimbot (completely invisible to everyone, including spectators) - BUGGY AS FUCK, only use it if you're intent on making people question the universe
Chams - For those of you who like lizards
Mouse Operated Menu that works In-Game

Press DELETE to toggle the menu, or click the close box to close it.

Update that should fix being hard to inject, since it's not packed. Also, there should be no chance of autowall being detected anymore.

Credits to KN4CKER, sfab1, ***, Alexak92, CypherPresents, Jimster480 and probably

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