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Jun 6, 2016
-Current $$
Set Value - TY.exe + 274A18

-Unlimited Lives
Nop Instruction - TY.exe + 0x2766A8
Set Value - TY.exe + 0x2766AC;


in the hub if you try changing the value of your $ it will set the value of your rainbow scales.
set the value of your rainbows > or equal 25 to get an extra paw of health.

as for thunder eggs cogs ect you can apply the same concept as the unlimited lives..
the game has some protection on the values so you can't just set them so what you need to do is nop the instruction that pop's the value from the stack.

I remember playing this game for hours on end when i was 5 and 6 years old so it's nice to come back and be able to write a cheat for it.
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Jul 21, 2016
Dude just scan it, won't take 5minutes of yours day. You may not have any bad intentions but if someone sees that attachments are being accepted without scans ppl may just abuse it.
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