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Aug 7, 2013
So im trying to get Fleeps c++ Triggerbot coded into vb , so this is what ive got so far . ( My purpose is to use it in CSGO , so i didnt changed the offsets and the code so far , just converted it )

So ive got it started with an consoleapplication in vb . And created the main.vb , chackprocess.vb , arrays.vb and ive used memproc.vb from Nether !

So this is what my arrays.vb looks like

Friend Module Arrays
	Friend Function InitializeWithDefaultInstances(Of T As New)(ByVal length As Integer) As T()
		Dim array(length - 1) As T
		For i As Integer = 0 To length - 1
			array(i) = New T()
		Next i
		Return array
	End Function
End Module
My main.vb looks like :
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports System

Public Class GlobalMembersMain
	Public Shared fProcess As New CHackProcess()

	Public Const Player_Base As UInteger = &HA33214 '0x00574560;
	#Const F6_Key = True
	Public Shared b_ShotNow As Boolean = False
	Public Const dw_Attack As UInteger = &H56C5C0 'client
	Public Const dw_mTeamOffset As UInteger = &HF0 'client

	Public Shared i_Shoot As Integer = 5
	Public Shared i_DontShoot As Integer = 4

	Public Shared NumOfPlayers As Integer = 32
	Public Const dw_PlayerCountOffs As UInteger = &H5CE10C 'Engine.dll
	Public Const dw_crosshairOffs As UInteger = &H2374 'Client.dll

	Public Const EntityPlayer_Base As UInteger = &HA4C46C

	Public Const EntityLoopDistance As UInteger = &H10
	Public Shared MyPlayer As New MyPlayer_t()
	Public Shared PlayerList() As PlayerList_t = Arrays.InitializeWithDefaultInstances(Of PlayerList_t)(32)

	Public Shared Sub TriggerBot()
		If Not b_ShotNow Then
			WriteProcessMemory(fProcess.__HandleProcess, CInt(fProcess.__dwordClient + dw_Attack), i_DontShoot, Len(New Integer()), Nothing)
			b_ShotNow = Not b_ShotNow
		End If

		If MyPlayer.CrosshairEntityID = 0 Then
		End If

		If PlayerList(MyPlayer.CrosshairEntityID-1).Team = MyPlayer.Team Then
		End If

		If MyPlayer.CrosshairEntityID > NumOfPlayers Then
		End If

		If b_ShotNow Then
			WriteProcessMemory(fProcess.__HandleProcess, CInt(fProcess.__dwordClient + dw_Attack), i_Shoot, Len(New Integer()), Nothing)
			b_ShotNow = Not b_ShotNow
		End If
	End Sub

	'Our main loop
	Shared Function Main() As Integer
		fProcess.RunProcess() ' Waiting for CSS......
		Console.Write("Game found! Running Triggerbot...")

		Do While Not GetAsyncKeyState(DefineConstants.F6_Key) ' or for(;;)

			For i As Integer = 0 To NumOfPlayers - 1

				'std::cout << PlayerList[i].Team << std::endl;

			Next i

			'Perform our Triggerbot
	End Function
End Class

Public Class MyPlayer_t
	Public CLocalPlayer As UInteger

	Public Team As Integer
	Public CrosshairEntityID As Integer
	Public Sub ReadInformation()
		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__dwordClient + GlobalMembersMain.Player_Base), CLocalPlayer, Len(New UInteger()), 0)
		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(CLocalPlayer + GlobalMembersMain.dw_mTeamOffset), Team, Len(New Integer()), 0)

		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(CLocalPlayer + GlobalMembersMain.dw_crosshairOffs), CrosshairEntityID, Len(New Integer()), 0)

		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__dwordEngine + GlobalMembersMain.dw_PlayerCountOffs), GlobalMembersMain.NumOfPlayers, Len(New Integer()), 0)
	End Sub
End Class

Public Class PlayerList_t
	Public CBaseEntity As UInteger
	Public Team As Integer

	Public Sub ReadInformation(ByVal Player As Integer)
		'"client.dll"+00545204 //0x571A5204
		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__dwordClient + GlobalMembersMain.EntityPlayer_Base + (Player * GlobalMembersMain.EntityLoopDistance)), CBaseEntity, Len(New UInteger()), 0)
		ReadProcessMemory(GlobalMembersMain.fProcess.__HandleProcess, CByte(CBaseEntity + GlobalMembersMain.dw_mTeamOffset), Team, Len(New Integer()), 0)
	End Sub
End Class

Partial Friend NotInheritable Class DefineConstants
	Public Const F6_Key As Integer = &H75
End Class
my chackprocess.vb

Public Class CHackProcess

	Friend __gameProcess As New Process.Thread
	Public __HandleProcess As System.IntPtr
	Public __HWNDCss As System.IntPtr
	Public __dwordClient As UInteger
	Public __dwordEngine As UInteger
	Public __dwordOverlay As UInteger
	Public __dwordVGui As UInteger
	Public __dwordLibCef As UInteger
	Public __dwordSteam As UInteger
End Class
And the Procmem.vb from Nether

So my Problem is i want to use Nethers Procmem to Write/Read Processmemory , but i dont know how to , to be honest .

I think if i can use Nethers ProcMem i dont need to work on the CHackProcess anymore . So it would be nice if someone maybe can help !

Notes : The code is still from Fleep ive just tryd to Convert it into so i dont even know if this is working or not im just into building it up ! ive didnt debuged it or got it working , mainly because ive need to handle ProcessMemory and edit the offsets & code to csgo !

Thanks so far ,
dont laugh at me im a newb :)

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Dec 11, 2013
I provided sample usage on how to use the class, although it does need updating.

you can use
Dim Mem As ProcMem = New ProcMem


mem.write("Address", Value, GetType(integer))"Address", GetType(integer))
I will be releasing my internal triggerbot source code fully updated for CSGO so people can learn from that, its probably detected due to injection and not hooking safe memory, but you'll be able to learn from it :)

also to help you get started some more:

*(int*)(Client+0xA88358) // Is Attack Modifier
Complete memory class Source Code - Nether's VB Memory Class
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