Question Transparent GDI that captures certain colors

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Dec 8, 2016
So I have this Project that's to make a Guitar flash hack, I know sounds kinda lame but I have been thinking about it a long time now and when I saw Hex murder posts about making a GDI I thought of it like, A transparent GDI but with borders that the user can move around and scale it properly to it's screen size, and then after positioning it the user maybe presses a button and then the hack starts running, the user select the song and then when the GDI detects the Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange/Red color it siulates a key press corresponding to the color it detected.
So the main question is How could I make this possible? What resource in C# enables me to detect pixels in a certain region or position?
I know C++ has GetPixel but I don't know about C# and I don't want to import DLL as GetPixel is relatively slow plus the GDI is already a bit slow so it wouldn't work.


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Aug 3, 2015
Create a small bitmap from your window, the smaller the faster this will be obviously.

It doesn't look like a wrapper for GDI32.dll's GetPixel but i didn't look deep enough, check for yourself.,a5bdd5ee3527fdcc

I also have doubts that GetPixel will be too slow for your needs, try optimizing it.
Yea, that's a rapper spittin them hot barz yo. You can double click on the function in the second link and it takes you to the dll imports.
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