Solved The Mod Menu Tutorial does not work for me

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Apr 16, 2016
As i followed the mod menu tutorial by fleep i tried it by myself and got a kind of personalized one. After i got rid of s shitton of errors (THX VS 2k15) i got this finally compiled.
But after injection the menu doesnt popup after i press insert. My next thought was: Well fuck it, ill use the one fleep put in the description and compiled it. Then i injected it and it did still not popup...
What am i doing wrong?


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Jan 21, 2014
Maybe it is for ppl who are more into hacking but not for ppl who started coding. I dont even get how to start, what to look for etc.
If you are new to hacking, ESP/aimbot is a bad idea. Learn some basic stuff with cheat engine and make an external trainer. You will learn soooo much, trust me. I spent 3 months trying to copy and paste shit together and failed miserably. So I told myself "stop wasting your time and learn it from the ground up. That is when I made this trainer: Unreal Tournament 1999 +8 Trainer I learned ALOT

Now a year and a half later I'm pretty good at this stuff, gotta start small and work your way up, and most of all have fun

Do the guide:

and when you come back to d3d:
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Feb 4, 2015
It's a profound explanation. What don't you understand?
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