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May 4, 2017

I am Scope, a full stack web developer in love with sports and the programming world.

I started to code when I was 10 years old thanks to SA-MP (a GTA San Andreas Multiplayer modification). SA-MP gave (probably still do) their users the possibility to code their own servers using Pawn (a C like programming language), so that's when I started to write my first lines of code and also when I started to learn web development. Since that moment, the way I use my computer has changed a lot, each time I play a game I try to do something related to programming.

I always had the "crazy idea" of developing my own mods, but I never knew how to and where to start of. After years of getting involved in many projects related to the subject, I'm starting to feel it's time to try this, so I want to learn how all this shit is done haha. So some weeks ago I started to read all along the web and I found your great Youtube channel.

I know C# and C++ basics, I would like to learn x86 asm and improve my C++ skills :)

Hope I can learn a lot from you, share our knowledge's, and finally make my "crazy idea" come true.

Greetings from the Patagonia Argentina.
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