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Mar 25, 2016
Hello, ive registered here to learn more mayby ask for help. But i have the basics of c++ and im still learning, will mostly be reading here not asking too much for help.

Anyway something about me, ive been cheating since 2008 i got about 16 accounts and 12 of them are vac banned and 2 got OW bans.
However ive allways used cheat providers and got some friends that are coders that provided me with hacks, but since a while ( like 1 year ) i started learning c++.
Its really fun and my long long goal is making cheats for myself but so far ive done some useful programs for me, i got a c++ book but i learn better by watching videos so i use the book when i need better explanation :)

Dont really know anymore to say about me, but i hope to get to know some of you in the future.



Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
k2. Welcome to GH! You have come to da right place m8

Don't forget to read the rules:

Please read the rules:

These are your first steps and I recommend you practice on AssaultCube because many of our members can provide you support

Make a trainer that that gives you unlimited health and ammo, something easy like that.

Here is a step by step guide,do not proceed until you 100% understand each step.

0)Learn how to use Cheat Engine
1)Start by finding addreses that are writable by cheat engine
2)If they are dynamic find good pointers to them

3)Learn basic C++ practicing with console applications

Step 3-4 are necessary because you need a handle to the process to use ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory

3) Use FindWindow() to get the window handle
4) Pass the window handle to GetWindowThreadProcessID
5) Pass the ProcessID to OpenProcess to get a handle to the process

6)Calculate dynamic base addresses using this functionality:

If pointer base addresses are "server.dll + 945740" or whatever use this function to find dynamic runtime address of the module using this:

7)Use ReadProcessMemory to read the health and ammo into local variables and then print them to console. Try printing the dynamic runtime address of the variables to console.

8) Now that you're a pro, use WriteProcessMemory to change the values.

Once you have mastered the external trainer, go internal and work on aimbot/ESP :)

P.S. I did your avatar
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