Intro Sup everyone I'm Dev011010

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Nov 21, 2020
How long you been coding/hacking?
7 years
How did you find GH?
In search for timb3r I found one of his posts here
Hey everyone I'm Dev011010(using my reddit handle because why not),

Actually came here to message timb3r to catch up since I was around his old community and wanted to catch up around everything going on there but I'll take a pitstop here, might stick around for the year for whole reason of why not since it'll be nice to reintergrate back into a community.

Little back story on me, I'm from the UK, timb3r properly got me into game hacking(outside of roblox lol) properly and it was really nice just to follow timb3rs blogs for a while back when all that was up and I kind of distanced. I've got a bit of a C# background, studying comsci and graphic design; don't really know what else to say. I'll see you around the forums, send me some hellos and I'll send some back.

Also hey timb3r!
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