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Sep 19, 2016
Hello, I'm CrownedHead, Head for short. The project is to modify a game called freestyle 2 (Which uses xigncode3) to give me infinite gkash (freestyle 2's premium currency), I intend to accomplish this by modifying the game to check if the amount of gkash I have is less than the cost of what I am buying or if it = 0. I know some c++ and more c#, (I messed around with unity for game development for a while), However I haven't coded for 6 months so I will be re-familiarizing myself. I know the basics of cheat engine, I am familiar with binary and hex, I don't know anything about assembly. What I want is to be given direction and links to resources so I can learn everything I need to complete my project. I especially want links to resources that will help me with reverse engineering xigncode/bypassing it. If I can get passed xigncode I believe completing my project will only be a matter of watching YouTube videos and tinkering with the game.

It's nice to meet you all. Thanks for taking the time to read this and responding if you do.


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Jun 25, 2014
welcome but im just going to tell you now there's a 99.99999999% chance that value is server sided.


Sep 19, 2016
Thank you mambda. I have been considering that possibility however, I did come across something interesting when looking at packets for the game with wireshark. In this game when you click buy on an item it will bring up a menu, press ok then it will tell you you can't get a refund and ask you to confirm. before confirming the eula I started wireshark and when I confirmed it wireshark sniffed 4 packets. The first was sent from me to the server I'm sure saying: "He wants to buy this and is sure." The second packet is sent from the server to me, the third packet from me to the server, the last packet is sent from the server to me (Which is what makes a pop up window appear that says I don't have enough currency I think). Now I believe the first packet sent from the server to me is giving the client the amount of gkash I have and then the client compares my gkash to the cost of the item before telling the server. I could very well be wrong but if not, couldn't I edit that data to tell the server I have enough gkash? I apologize if this is incredibly noob and has no basis.


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Jan 21, 2014
CrownedHead Welcome to GH!

As mambda stated, what you're trying to do is most likely impossible and if possible, would be difficult to accomplish even for a professional. But I certainly wouldn't give up on your dreams, I wish you the best of luck but don't think anyone should be playing with anti cheat without having a solid foundation of skills in reverse engineering.

The honorable Liduen has compiled an excellent list of links

Also I'm sure you've seen our videos but there is much to learn from those :)
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