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Aug 19, 2013
#include <windows.h>
#include <iostream>
#define Winver 0x500
#include <tlhelp32.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <winable.h>
#include <fstream>
#include <istream>
#include <string>
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/timeb.h>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <sstream>
#include <iterator>

using namespace std;

int ScreenWidth; //the width of the screen
int ScreenHeight; //the height of the screen

RECT ava_rect;

HWND ava_wind;

ofstream pixel_file; //to-be-written to file that will hold the pixel colors
ifstream pixel_check; //to-be-read from file that holds the pixel colors

bool operator == (vector<unsigned int> const& v1, vector<unsigned int> const& v2){ //for comparing 2 vectors
    return (v1[0] == v2[0]) && (v1[1] == v2[1]) && (v1[2] == v2[2]);

int getMilliCount(){ //timing function, used to test speed
	timeb tb;
	int nCount = tb.millitm + (tb.time & 0xfffff) * 1000;
	return nCount;

int getMilliSpan(int nTimeStart){ //timing function, used to test speed
	int nSpan = getMilliCount() - nTimeStart;
	if(nSpan < 0)
		nSpan += 0x100000 * 1000;
	return nSpan;

void mouseMove(float x_coord, float y_coord) //moves the mouse x and y amounts
    //x_coord *= (65335/ScreenWidth);
    //y_coord *= (65335/ScreenWidth);
    //cout << x_coord << endl;
    //cout << y_coord << endl;
    INPUT mouse;
    memset(&mouse, 0, sizeof(INPUT));
    mouse.type = INPUT_MOUSE;
    // flag for the mouse hook to tell that it's a synthetic event.
    mouse.mi.dwExtraInfo = 0x200;
    //POINT p;
    //p.x = x_coord;
    //p.y = y_coord;
    //ClientToScreen(ava_wind, &p);
    mouse.mi.dx = x_coord;
    mouse.mi.dy = y_coord;
    mouse.mi.dwFlags = mouse.mi.dwFlags | MOUSEEVENTF_MOVE;
    SendInput(1, &mouse, sizeof(mouse));

int curr_color[2]; //the current pixel color
unsigned int pix_data[1000][2]; //reference radius for specific size
unsigned int found_pix[100][2]; //to avoid repeat colors
int found_pix_counter = 0;
int pix_pos_piece[1]; //a pixel x, y coordinate
int pix_pos_counter = 0; //the counter for all of the positions

void get_bitmap_ava(HWND ava_hwnd, int size_x, int size_y, bool get_pixel_color){ //grabs the bitma
    int pix_pos_full[size_x * size_y][1]; //use max possible positions just in case
    if(get_pixel_color){ //if the user pressed enter to grab pixels"pixels.dat"); //open the write-to file

    int pos_x, pos_y; //the starting x and y position
    pos_x = size_x / 2; //crosshairs are always center screen
    pos_y = size_y / 2;
    //POINT p; //used for special testing
    //pos_x = p.x;
    //pos_y = p.y;

    int radius = 10; //the amount of pixels to grab if saving pixel colors

    //int start = getMilliCount(); //track screenread speed in milliseconds

    HDC ava_dc = GetDC(ava_hwnd); //get the device context of the window
    HDC ava_dc_cap = CreateCompatibleDC(ava_dc); //create a compatible dc out of that
    HBITMAP hCaptureBitmap = CreateCompatibleBitmap(ava_dc, size_x, size_y); //make a bitmap
    SelectObject(ava_dc_cap, hCaptureBitmap); //select it in memory
    BitBlt(ava_dc_cap, 0, 0, size_x, size_y, ava_dc, 0, 0, SRCCOPY); //and bitblt it

    //getting the size of the picture
    BITMAP bm;
    GetObject(hCaptureBitmap, sizeof(bm), &bm);
    int width(bm.bmWidth), height(bm.bmHeight);

    //creating a bitmapheader for getting the dibits
    BITMAPINFOHEADER bminfoheader;
    ::ZeroMemory(&bminfoheader, sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER));
    bminfoheader.biSize        = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER);
    bminfoheader.biWidth       = width;
    bminfoheader.biHeight      = -height;
    bminfoheader.biPlanes      = 1;
    bminfoheader.biBitCount    = 32;
    bminfoheader.biCompression = BI_RGB;

    bminfoheader.biSizeImage = width * 4 * height;
    bminfoheader.biClrUsed = 0;
    bminfoheader.biClrImportant = 0;


    /*DWORD dwBmpSize = ((size_x * bminfoheader.biBitCount + 31) / 32) * 4 * size_y;

    HANDLE hDIB = GlobalAlloc(GHND,dwBmpSize);
    char *lpbitmap = (char *)GlobalLock(hDIB);

    // Gets the "bits" from the bitmap and copies them into a buffer
    // which is pointed to by lpbitmap.
    GetDIBits(CreateCompatibleDC(0), hCaptureBitmap, 0,
        (BITMAPINFO *)&bminfoheader, DIB_RGB_COLORS);

    // A file isz3 created, this is where we will save the screen capture.
    HANDLE hFile = CreateFile("captureqwsx.bmp",

    // Add the size of the headers to the size of the bitmap to get the total file size
    DWORD dwSizeofDIB = dwBmpSize + sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER) + sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER);


    //Offset to where the actual bitmap bits start.

    //Size of the file
    bmfh.bfSize = dwSizeofDIB;

    //bfType must always be BM for Bitmaps
    bmfh.bfType = 0x4D42; //BM

    DWORD dwBytesWritten = 0;
    WriteFile(hFile, (LPSTR)&bmfh, sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER), &dwBytesWritten, NULL);
    WriteFile(hFile, (LPSTR)&bminfoheader, sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER), &dwBytesWritten, NULL);
    WriteFile(hFile, (LPSTR)lpbitmap, dwBmpSize, &dwBytesWritten, NULL);

    //Unlock and Free the DIB from the heap

    //Close the handle for the file that was created


    //create a buffer and let the GetDIBits fill in the buffer
    unsigned char* pPixels = new unsigned char[(width * 4 * height)];
    if( !GetDIBits(CreateCompatibleDC(0), hCaptureBitmap, 0, height, pPixels, (BITMAPINFO*) &bminfoheader, DIB_RGB_COLORS)) // load pixel info
        //return if fails but first delete the resources
        delete [] pPixels; // delete the array of objects
        cout << "fail" << endl;


    int x, y; // fill the x and y coordinate for grabbing pixels
    x = 0;
    y = 0;

    int total_found = 0; //the total amount of pixels matching pixels being searched for
    int previous_x = -1; //set the initial prev_x and y to -1 to avoid issues
    int previous_y = -1;
    for(int iter = 0; iter < (size_x * size_y); iter++){ //loop through all of the pixels in the screen
        if(x < size_x){ //if the pixels have not reached the right of the screen
            x++; //keep going
            x = 0; //if they do reach the right, reset to the left
            y++; //and go down one row
        unsigned int r = pPixels[(width*y+x) * 4 + 2]; //the pixel color in r g b color format
        unsigned int g = pPixels[(width*y+x) * 4 + 1];
        unsigned int b = pPixels[(width*y+x) * 4 + 0];
        curr_color[0] = r; //set the current color array values
        curr_color[1] = g; //old values wrote over with each new pixel
        curr_color[2] = b;
        pix_pos_piece[0] = x; //set the current position
        pix_pos_piece[1] = y; //wrote over with each new pixel
        if(!get_pixel_color){ //if we are looking for pixels (not saving them)
            bool done = false; //a bool to check if we have gone through the entire set of pixels to look for
            for(unsigned int iter2 = 0; iter2 < sizeof(pix_data)/sizeof(pix_data[0]); iter2++){
                if(abs(int(curr_color[0] - pix_data[iter2][0])) < 1 && abs(int(curr_color[1] - pix_data[iter2][1])) < 1 && abs(int(curr_color[2] - pix_data[iter2][2])) < 1){
                    found_pix[found_pix_counter][0] = curr_color[0];
                    found_pix[found_pix_counter][1] = curr_color[1];
                    found_pix[found_pix_counter][2] = curr_color[2];
                    //if all of the current pixel colors are within 1 color difference of the pixels being searched for
                    break; //exit the loop
                if(sizeof(pix_data)/sizeof(unsigned int) - 1 == iter2){ //if it reaches the end of the loop
                    done = true;
            if((abs(int(previous_x - x)) < 10 || abs(int(previous_y - y)) < 10) && (!done)){
                //cout << "incr" << endl;
                //cout << x << endl;
                //cout << y << endl;
                //cout << endl;
                //if the found pixel was within 10 pixels of the last found one
                total_found++; //increment the total found
                pix_pos_full[pix_pos_counter][0] = pix_pos_piece[0]; //fill in the pix_pos array
                pix_pos_full[pix_pos_counter][1] = pix_pos_piece[1]; //with the x, y values of the current pixel
            else{ //if it was not found within 10 pixels or not the right color
                //cout << "Reset" << endl;
                total_found = 0; //reset the total found (needs to be a grouping to match a pattern)
                pix_pos_counter = 0; //reset the pix_pos_counter
            if(total_found > 6){

        if(get_pixel_color){ //if the user wants to save pixels
            if((abs(int(100-r)) > 10) && (abs(int(100-g)) > 10) && (abs(int(100-b)) > 10)){
                if(abs(x - pos_x) < radius && abs(y - pos_y) < radius){ //if the x and y positions of the pixels are within radius amount of the center of the screen
                    pixel_file << r << " " << g << " " << b << "\n"; //write the r g b to the file

    //cout << total_found << endl; //for testing purposes, to see how many were found. Currently, either 0 or all of them are "found"
    if(!get_pixel_color){ //make sure the user did not want to save pixels
        if(total_found > 6){ //if more than 6 were found (arbitrary number, will be worked into percentage later)
            int other_x_pos = pix_pos_full[(sizeof(pix_pos_full)/sizeof(int))/2][0]; //grab the center position
            int other_y_pos = pix_pos_full[(sizeof(pix_pos_full)/sizeof(int))/2][1]; //of the pixel positions
            //I am having trouble determining how much to move
            //the mouse moves by x amount (the distance between pos_x and other_pos_x)
            //but I can't determine it correctly
            cout << other_x_pos - pos_x << endl;
            cout << other_y_pos - pos_y << endl;
            mouseMove(other_x_pos - pos_x, other_y_pos - pos_y);
    total_found = 0; //reset the variables
    pix_pos_counter = 0; //for the next screen grab
    found_pix_counter = 0;
    if(get_pixel_color){ //if the save-to file was opened
        pixel_file.close(); //close it

    //clean up the bitmap and buffer unless you still need it
    delete [] pPixels; // delete the array of objects

    ReleaseDC(ava_hwnd, ava_dc);

    //int end = getMilliSpan(start);
    //cout << end << endl;

int main()
    //use for testing
    /*RECT desktop_rect;
    HWND desktop_hwnd;
    desktop_hwnd = GetDesktopWindow();
    GetWindowRect(desktop_hwnd, &desktop_rect);
        if((GetKeyState(VK_RETURN) & 0x80) != 0){
            get_bitmap_ava(desktop_hwnd, desktop_rect.right, desktop_rect.bottom, true);
        if((GetKeyState(VK_LBUTTON) & 0x80) != 0){
            get_bitmap_ava(desktop_hwnd, desktop_rect.right, desktop_rect.bottom);
        if((GetKeyState(VK_END) & 0x80) != 0){
    return 0;*/"pixels.dat"); //the file that contains pixels to look for
    string line; //a line to hold each set up numbers
    if(pixel_check.is_open()){ //if the file open ok
        vector<string> tokens; //to hold the 3 numbers as strings
        unsigned int tokints[2]; //to hold the 3 numbers as ints
        int counter = 0; //indexing for the pix_data array
        while(getline(pixel_check,line)){ //get each line in the file
            istringstream iss(line); //create a stringstream
            copy(istream_iterator<string>(iss), istream_iterator<string>(), back_inserter<vector<string> >(tokens)); //copy the sstream elements into tokens
            for(unsigned int it = 0; it < sizeof(tokints)/sizeof(tokints[0]); it++){
                tokints[it] = atoi(; //and convert/ copy tokens into tokints as ints
            pix_data[counter][0] = tokints[0]; //fill pix_data
            pix_data[counter][1] = tokints[1];
            pix_data[counter][2] = tokints[2];
    pixel_check.close(); //close the file

    ifstream ava_settings("C:/AeriaGames/AVA/avaGame/Config/AVAOptionSettings.ini");
    size_t found;
    int file_counter = 0;
        while(getline(ava_settings,line) && file_counter < 3){
            found = line.find("=");
            if(found != string::npos){
                line.replace(0, found+1,"");
                if(file_counter == 1){
                    ScreenWidth = int(atof(line.c_str()));
                else if(file_counter == 2){
                    ScreenHeight = int(atof(line.c_str()));

    TCHAR title[500];
        if(GetWindowText(GetForegroundWindow(), title, 500) == 24){
            ava_wind = GetActiveWindow();
        if((GetKeyState(VK_RETURN) & 0x80) != 0){ //if the user presses enter
            get_bitmap_ava(ava_wind, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, true); //screen read and save the pixels the center of the screen is on
        if((GetKeyState(VK_LBUTTON) & 0x80) != 0){ //if the user left-clicks
            get_bitmap_ava(ava_wind, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, false); //screen read and search for pixels
        if((GetKeyState(VK_END) & 0x80) != 0){ //killswitch
    return 0;

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