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Aug 7, 2013
Sofar ive checked everything the only thing thats left is that i need the localname offset in csgo but i cant find it anywhere , so what can i do , to improve this step or find the offset ? Currently im stucking into this part of the code :

int main() 
	fProcess.RunProcess(); // Waiting for CSS......
	cout << "CSGO Found , starting the Hack" << endl;  
	while (true) 
		Sleep (1);  
		for (int i = 0;i < 32;i++) 
			//Skip if enemy health is under 2 
			if (PlayerList[i].Health < 2) continue; 
			// Skip if they're my teammates. 
			if (PlayerList[i].Team == MyPlayer.Team) continue;  
			[B]//Now we need to read out our own name so we can compare our name to the enemy name and then skip. 
			// So we dont include our own position in the aimbot because if we do we will mess up  
			DWORD LocalName; // Can be found in engine.dll 
			ReadProcessMemory (fProcess.__HandleProcess, (PBYTE*)(fProcess.__dwordEngine + 0x0040FAEC), &LocalName, 4, 0); 
			char MyName[39]; 
			ReadProcessMemory (fProcess.__HandleProcess, (PBYTE*)(LocalName), &MyName, 39, 0);   
			// Skip if they are you.. 
			if (strcmp(PlayerList[i].Name, MyName) == 0) continue;   
			CalcAngle (MyPlayer.Position, PlayerList[i].Position, PlayerList[i].AimbotAngle);  
			if (GetAsyncKeyState(0x01)) 
				WriteProcessMemory (fProcess.__HandleProcess, (PBYTE*)(fProcess.__dwordEngine + 0x43140C), &PlayerList[i].AimbotAngle, 12, 0); [/B]
	return 0; 


The Angel Of Verdun
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Dec 11, 2013
England, SW
for something like this, your better off comparing entity index which is at offset 0x68 instead of player name.

FYI your index ID is always 1

if(PlayerList[i].Index == 1)
although i really don't understand why your comparing yourself in the first place when you already have a continue statement for team, so it wouldn't get to you anyway.
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