Snippet for ANSI/Unicode Windows API functions

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Jan 21, 2014
Has this function ever annoyed the shit outta you?
Cuz typecasting to LPCSTR, putting the "L" in front of the string or doing _T(blahblahblah) is so annoying...and when you switch between debug/release builds in Visual Studio you have to change the code to adapt to blah blah blah

Introducing FindWindowA() and SetConsoleTitleA() which both take an ANSI string, now you can type:

FindWindowA(NULL, "AssaultCube");
SetConsoleTitleA("AnomanderRake's AssaultCube Aimbot");
No more playing around, just type what you want in quotation marks and you're all set!
And apparently lots of windows API functions regarding strings have a version of each function for each character set you might choose to use!

And this is fantastic reading material regarding strings and their vast history of annoyingness.
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