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Aug 3, 2015
Alrighty, So I was smoking some good :kilo: and made a dumb little hook class that can help speedup the process of making and writing to code caves a bit easier.

class Hook
        private IntPtr mSrc;
        private IntPtr mDest;

        private byte[] mData;

        public Hook(IntPtr src, IntPtr dest, byte[] data)
            this.mSrc = src;
            this.mDest = dest;
            mData = data;

        public byte[] CaveData()
            byte[] jmp = BitConverter.GetBytes(mSrc.ToInt32() - mDest.ToInt32() - mData.Length);

            List<byte> buff = new List<byte>();

            foreach (byte b in mData)


            foreach (byte b in jmp)

            return buff.ToArray();

        public byte[] HookJmp()
            List<byte> bytes = new List<byte>();
            byte[] buf = BitConverter.GetBytes(mDest.ToInt32() - mSrc.ToInt32() - 5);

            foreach (byte b in buf)

            return bytes.ToArray();

I also use a patternscan to find code caves programmatically.
This lets me write the hacks in cheat engine, then just copy the bytes into an array and write that to the cave. The Jumps from and to the cave are calculated at run-time so that's something else you don't have to worry about.

It's really simple, nothing crazy but it helps and can be built upon.

The reason I made this is cause I was hacking a game, an old game, making a trainer for a friend and I was pretty sure we had different versions. One of the hacks required a hook and I needed it to work across multiple versions of the game. Came up with this.

Enjoy guise :smile:
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