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Mar 6, 2013
Seeing as this section is picking up it's time to post some of my favs.

For those unaware of what skramz is, it's old school screamo before it turned into the self pitying flaming faggotry it is today.
For those unaware of what grindcore is, its basically hardcore punk cranked up to 11 then injected with metal.

The two were very closely linked back in the day. Pig Destroyer released a split with Orchid which is probably the best thing ever.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:



Exhibit A:

Pig Destroyer

Exhibit B:

Extreme Noise Terror

Exhibit C:

Gunkai (My band from college lolol)

BONUS POINTS : Gore grind
Now this shit is over the top. Sometimes in a good way, mostly in a bad way, but there are a couple of bands worth mentioning.

The Day Everything Became Nothing

Last Days of Humanity


This one is especially great seeing as its about the "evils" of soft drink hahaha
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