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Jan 7, 2018
Saw this in a game hacking video comment section:

The pub g anticheat AI is programmed by machine learning techniques. For example how will you you tell a ATM machine to give a correct amount ? Did it have eye and brains ? Off course you will program it fr machine learning ! Same like when new hacks come pub g mobile ai if found and banned you before it will learn about the hacks which will make the ai stronger when new hacks comes in a similar way of the first one which got you banned and this is called patched ! So there are all possibilities of getting banned and one thing we can make sure is it update our hacks so you have tell your hack provider if you got banned! So that they can take further actions and update their hack by changing codes.. But there is no way to change codes with antiban because every time you change there is possibility of the code already been used by another hack and if the your code is similar to that then your acc will be banned. So the only thing you can do is to hide your game and fool the ai that you are not playing and you should block data submissions to it. This is one way but there are also other ways like to delete the anticheat system from the server but this is a crime for hacking a server and you can go to jail in short! They can track you down easily and don't think of VPN ( it's nothing ) so just try to play fair. But in future we are increasing our team members and we will figure out to make and same machine learning ai to help us to create hacks. But you gonna need a lot more system specs to Use our hacks. Because the antiban system of me will continuesly run which requires your ram of min 4gb so for gameplay you nerd another 4gb so the min amount is 8gb tam but it will lag so better if you have higher ram! But we cannot assure you the antiban it will just help us to create new hacks by telling what did the ai learned!.....
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