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Dec 10, 2013
Server Status: Pm for start, im almost online 24/7 h

Service Information:
This service is free and i will not ban anyone thats abusing bots or scams or anything else.
Its only running on 1MB internet speed and with 16GB Ram.
I have not changed anything else other then the name of the server/client.
Why i havent edited anything in the server is because people are going to come and go.

Note: I have renamed everything to GuidedHacking UnOfficial.
If higher ranked people dont want the server to have that name i will change.

Idea for this:
I came up with this idea to make it easier for people that wants to make bots for mmorpg games.
This is mostly directed to newbies and those that are willing to learn those newbies.
This is just made to be a test server for people who wants to test to make bots.

It have not been edited or made fully playable, maybe will make it easier to test stuff out.
But i will not do anything else then open the server and sometime join it.

I have made this an .jar file and all you have to do is: Start the file and it will automatically download the cache
The cache is containing all the models for the rsps and it is 69MB large and will go directly to your C drive

If you wish to remove the cache you just go to your C drive and look for the map: .GuidedHackingUnOfficialCache
Just remove that map and you should be allright!


TrisidiaX for the open source and client.

I hope some of you will enjoy this service or have some use with it.

I will try to have it open around:
Weekends: 10 am - 11 pm
Normal days: 5 pm - 8 pm

If you try to boot this server offline it will be taken down and i will not release it again.



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