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Apr 24, 2020
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I've recoded my internal and can't get the aimbot working again. Mouse movement works but im not aiming at the entity. I'm using the same code in my internal before and it works so im kinda worried that my fault isn't at the aim function itself. ESP / WTS is working fine with that coords.

Assuming that SendInput is using 0, 0 as mid and my overlay setted up as 0, 0 bottom left the debug output looks fine to me:

Mid: 960.0 540.0
Entpos: (x: 923.22412109375, y: 535.9989624023438)
Aiming at: -36 4

Mid: 960.0 540.0
Entpos: (x: 992.828857421875, y: 541.8271484375)
Aiming at: 32 -1
proc aimTo(target: Entity) =
  #[ Debug
  echo "Mid: ", OV.midX, " ", OV.midY
  echo "Entpos: ", target.headpos2d
  echo "Aiming at: ", (target.headpos2d.x - OV.midX).int32, " ", -(target.headpos2d.y - (target.distance.float32 * 0.02) - OV.midY).int32
  var input: INPUT
  input.mi = MOUSE_INPUT(
    dx: (target.headpos2d.x - OV.midX).int32,
    dy: -(target.headpos2d.y - (target.distance.float32 * 0.02) - OV.midY).int32,
  SendInput(1, input.addr, sizeof(input).int32)
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