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St. Ansen

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Aug 4, 2017
Hello experts,

I am trying to find AssaultCube's traceline routine on my own and I got stuck right away. May I kindly ask you to take a look at a routine IDA has decompiled (it's at 0x463600). I struggle with its semantics.
The routine is repeatedly called whenever a gun is drawn and stays out (not for knife or grenades). It is related to decrementing the clip ammo.

char __thiscall SthSthDecrementAmmo(_DWORD *this, int a2)
    _DWORD *v1;
    int v2;
    _DWORD *v4;
    // ... some more declarations

    v1 = this; // local player 
    // ... sth unrelated
    v4 = (_DWORD *)v1[6]; // line in question
    v5 = time_us - *(_DWORD *)(v1[2] + 0x210) - *v4;

    //... rest of the routine
It looks to me as:
  • v1 stores the local player's base address
  • v1[6] accesses the 6th element in the player struct; v1[6] = *(v1 + 6*sizeof(DWORD))
  • v4 interprets whatever is at v1 + 0x6 as a pointer
  • *v4 dereferences the pointer

Problem is that the sixth DWORD in the player struct (offset 0x18) seems to be some kind of counter, triggered by shooting or jumping and dependent on your view angles. It certainly does not look like an address to me. The values vary between 0 and sth. in the order of 10[SUP]9[/SUP] ( ~2[SUP]32[/SUP]ish) so it makes no sense to dereference it.

Here's a snapshot from cheat engine when the routine gets called with the memory location in question.

Where did I go wrong? It all looks as if the function is simply comparing some counters against each other and/or the game time, but I would like to get behind my mistake.

Thank you


Escobar Tier VIP
Dank Tier Donator
Aug 3, 2015
That is another position, almost sure of it.
Change them to floats so they make sense.
What I do when I see some stupid numbers like that that just don't make sense, I'll change the view to hex.
If it doesn't look like a valid address, I'll change it to float.

iirc that function is fed the result of traceline... my memory isn't the greatest ever though :p
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