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Sep 25, 2020
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Old-School Runescape
Jagex Anti-Cheat/Anti-Botting
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This is for OSRS, but I was wondering what kind of detection methods that Runescape uses, or how I should go about finding out. The first thing that came to mind was some sort of anti-randomizer detection for the mouse movements and clicks. I would assume that this type of detection is their forefront, but I've even heard that people get banned for using an autoclicker? Maybe this was because their autoclicker didn't have randomization, but that seems kind of weird to me because pretty much any type of randomization would have prevented them from being discovered?

Anyway, besides timed detection, what about things like Ring3 detection? I've never heard anyone ever talk about this, but since both Runescape clients are something you have to install through their website, is it possible they could be using traditional Ring3 detection methods (i.e. checking Handles, LoadLibrary detection, etc.)? Has anyone confirmed this?


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Nov 11, 2019
From everything that I know about modern RS cheating, they're most definitely using data engineers to sorta-kinda accurately predict if someone is botting or not based on factors like play time, the activity they're doing, how similar they're doing said activity to other people, how accurate they are, how much fatigue they have as play time goes on, mouse movement, etc. It's why there've been false positive bans on legit players for botting, even though it's extremely rare.

They're also probably detecting clients in some way, but I don't think there's ever been concrete proof of that, to my knowledge? You might be able to find more info on bytecode club, but I'm not sure how active that is these days. Regardless, there's he-said-she-said evidence that they do in fact detect your client.

Pre-Weath and the anti-cheating team in general, they were probably using dumber methods to detect cheating, considering how you could suicide bot for weeks at a time without repercussion. However they've really stepped up their game post-Weath/cheating team.


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Jan 21, 2014
All the normal methods of detecting cheats: Guide - How to Bypass Anticheat - Start Here Beginner's Guide

Bot detection: use random time intervals, avoid easily detectable input simulation, use game functions instead of simulating input, in many games bots are reported by other users, and then a simple viewing of your activity quickly proves you're a bot, normal people don't farm/fish for 12 hours
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