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May 24, 2012
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Hey guys.

I was looking through some of my old projects and I found my folder locker. I thought that it might be useful for some of you, it certainly has been for me.

- Lock folders
- Hide folders - I haven't added this feature yet. I will though if anyone actually cares about this.
- Drag & Drop folders - I haven't added this feature yet. I will though if anyone actually cares about this.

Credits for most of the theme goes to Tedd.

I hope some of you find this little tool useful :)

EDIT: There will most likely be some issues with the layout because of screen sizes. I don't know why that is, so if anyone knows, please do tell. Also, please report any bugs you find.


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May 27, 2012
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Well mate I don't find your sarcasm in any way shape or form funny. In the other hand I think this is a good tool and its useful for those who need it lets say you share your pc with someone else and you don't want them taping into your folders then you can lock them I think Helios did a great job and the UI is really good.



this is sooo useful

haha im sorry but this is sarcasm, anyway, good release
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