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Jun 24, 2012
This is an old injector I made some time ago, I will update it soon

Not yet fully completed but have decided to release this so people can see what is being worked on, And of cause see the benefits of using a multi threaded Injector application, extremely Customizable for each dll.


* Multi Threaded
* Setup once and forget(using the save settings option will save all your hacks and settings)
* Enable or Disable hacks by using checkbox
* Multiple process to inject into(Not limited like other Injector to the same process)
* Each Dll is custom configuared
* Re Editable Dll Settings (right click Dll and choose "Edit Library")
* Detect if needed to run as Admin
* Launch Game from Djector
* Custom Injecting Advanced Injection Methods
* Works with ALL Windows Versions
* Most Advanced Injector on this forum but with easy to use GUI
* Close after all have been injected(Option)
* Rollup to compact mode
* If not closed after injected D-Jector Monitors the Injected Dll and updates you when you close your Process(for each dll)
* No installation needed, Can be ran from USB stick or any other device.
* Accepts Parameters for dll being injected(Will go into more detail about making a dll with parameters later)
* Extremly quick fast with minimal resource useage(Multi Threaded lets us achive this)
* Coded in Delphi(no runtime dependency's)

* Right click in your list an add your hacks
* Set your preferences for that dll
* Click "Select Game" (suggested ComabatArms_Direct.exe)
* Set your options (if needed)
* Click "Launch Game"
* Enjoy
The above only needs to be done once if you tick "Save Settings On Close", Next time you run D-Jector only "Launch Game" need to be clicked...

* Logging not working due to problems with opening same text file while in multi threaded mode(will recode a diffrent method)
* Manual Injection not implemented just yet until I fix a few small bugs which may interfere with D-Jector
* Launching Game through D-Jector more than once will cause CA to give a small error(nothing major will fix in next release)
* Suggested not to have the same delay for each dll as it will spam the process with your hacks all at once.
* Please report ALL bugs to this topic as this is only first release and there will be bugs I have'nt picked up.

Future Releases:
The following will only apply if people do use this and find it useful(otherwise ill keep updates personal for own use)...
* Implement Manual Injection(It's already there just not enabled yet)
* Implement UnInjection(also there but not enabled yet)
* Fix logging
* Add system tray icon and menu
* Optimize Threads
* Release Full Source Code for others to learn from(once all bugs fixed and requested features included)

File Name : DJectorV1.rar
File Size : 511286 byte
File Type : RAR archive data, v1d, os
MD5 : d366d69ded1680f71b7a04e633f7511c
SHA1 : 5c72567f3834abb60d80a86348001bd34a89cb7b





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May 20, 2012
First of all /approved, 2nd cool name 8) I think if this is a good use It will stick as you have a pretty nice UI.
Will check out, what did you code this in and thanks for the thorough description.



Kim Kong Trasher
Dank Tier VIP
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Jul 19, 2012
Alot of features and very user friendly. Nice job and thanks I must say ;)


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May 24, 2012
Nice tool departure.

Btw i knew that i remember your name from somewhere, now i know where from :) ic0de, HH probably too.

boogie (d366)


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Aug 14, 2012
hahahah Departure im from HH too. i was wondering if this was you, glad to see you here! Glad to see other HH members migrating over here.
I'm from ic0de too lol.

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