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Jan 3, 2013
Hello, I had a break of ~3 years programming and game hacking break. Now I want to start again to develope a few game hacks.
For the first training lesson I want to update my old CS:GO triggerbot.

What I have found already:

"Client.dll"+0x00AA8BBC <-- This should be my player base

0xFC = Health
0xF0 = Team ID

I can read already ingame my own health and my own team id.

I have tried also to read the information of all the other players. I can read the health and the team id from the other player but only if I´m not to far away on the map from the other player.
Let´s say I´m CT on dust 2 then I go to the T spawn and kill the other player. In my program I can see how the health of the other player is going down until its 0.
Then in the next round I´m still in CT team and while I´m in CT base my program says that the health of the other player is still 0. Now I go again to the T spawn and if I´m close enough to the other player then I can see that his health is going up to 100.

So I´m not sure if this behavior is normal. I´m not sure if I have found the correct entity list.
Can someone tell me if this behavior is normal?

I use this address as my entity list address: 0x04A85AAC


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Dec 22, 2013
This behaviour is normal, players who are too far a way won't get any updates from the server. To check whether a player is getting updates or not you have to check the b_Dormant flag or whatever it's called. I don't know the offset from scratch but there most likely are many posts here about that specific flag and it shouldn't be to hard to find since it's close to the health/team number etc. anyway.
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