Read Before Asking (Especially Aimbot & ESP)

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Jul 18, 2012
Hey guys, Agent Smith and I have been talking lately and we've noticed (as a lot of you have too I'm sure) that people come and request and ask for help on topics that are clearly completely out of their scope on knowledge.
The forums get BOMBARDED with aimbot and ESP help requests when the person doesn't even know how to create a project in VS.

This goes to everyone: PLEASE don't request help on aimbots, ESP's, or anything that is clearly out of your knowledge base.

Fleep has excellent tutorials for beginning and you can work your way up to these hacks, but PLEASE stop asking for help and expect people to spoon feed you code.
We are here to help and we enjoy doing so, but you need to understand WHAT we're saying.

Start with Fleep's simple C# trainer tutorial

Work your up through his other tutorials

He has dedicated a lot of time to making these tutorials and even giving you a rating of how difficult they are. Don't skip over them if you don't know what you're doing.

From here on out, if you post asking questions which shows it is completely out of your range and you haven't taken the time to learn, the thread will be closed.

Your Friendly Guided Hacking Moderating Team. :)
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