Solved RCS AGAIN, sorry

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Feb 18, 2014
rcs func:
void recoilControlSystem(float vpAngles[3], float vAngles[3]){
	float normAngles[3];
	vAngles[0] += old[0];
	vAngles[1] += old[1];
	vAngles[2] += old[2];
	normAngles[0] = vAngles[0] - vpAngles[0] * 2;
	normAngles[1] = vAngles[1] - vpAngles[1] * 2;
	normAngles[2] = vAngles[2] - vpAngles[2] * 2;
	WriteProcessMemory(m.h_Process, (PBYTE*)(myPlayer.enginePtr + SetViewAngles), &normAngles, sizeof(vector<float>), NULL);
	old[0] = vpAngles[0] * 2;
	old[1] = vpAngles[1] * 2;
	old[2] = vpAngles[2] * 2;
call in main:
if (myPlayer.iShooting>1 && w_config[myPlayer.wnum][3] == 1){
	recoilControlSystem(myPlayer.vPunchAngles, myPlayer.AimAngles);
Why after shooting my crosshair down drops to 2-3 cm??? (when iShooting = 0)
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