Solved Question about writing AssaultCube ?

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Jan 27, 2015
I am just beginning to learn about writing Hack. I start from the basic video Fleep, there are a few issues I do not understand your desire to help:

Fleep's Video:

This 1.Cho I still do not understand how to get it?
bool AmmoStatus; // USED to define wether ammo is on or not
AmmoValue BYTE [] = {0xA3,0x1C, 0x0,0x0};
AmmoBaseAddress = {} DWORD 0x004DF73C;
DWORD AmmoOffsets [] = {0x378, 0x14, 0x0}; // Pointer LEVEL 3

// Vars -------- ------- HEALTH
bool HealthStatus; // USED to define wether ammo is on or not
HealthValue BYTE [] = {} 0x39,0x5,0x0,0x0;
HealthBaseAddress = {} DWORD 0x004DF73C;
DWORD HealthOffsets [] = {} 0xF4; // 1 level pointer
2. Fleep can do some video address speed hack, wall hack, hack niceshot for Assaultcube? Your videos are really helpful for people learning about the hack, but I'm a beginner so some of you do not understand the video. Looking forward to many video Fleep again and can explain in detail some things! Thanks for reading :)


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Dec 15, 2013
1. Follow in the video. He goes over getting the addresses and offsets. If you still don't understand, do the Cheat Engine Tutorial. If you don't know C++, then it'd be a good idea to learn it as you won't get very far in hacking without knowing how to code.

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