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Sep 30, 2019
If you haven't seen my last thread, about RTTIDumper, go here: RTTIDumper Source Code Release
Otherwise, this is my python implementation of it, kinda
its going to have a few more features than my last project
but only works on one file at a time.
PyRTTI Github Page

It supports column sorting, copy, export, and find code references to vftable (for 32bit only, for now)

Currently as it stands, the code is a bit messy, and 32bit stuff is somewhat broken
and doesnt always work. But it least it works some of the time :smile::trollface:
compared to 64bit stuff which is fairly flawless from my testing.
But I wanted to release it so badly so here it is.

Here is a screenshot of finding code references feature:

This feature is currently only supported in 32bit mode


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