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May 9, 2014

Im gonna try and make myself quick.

I have lately become very interested in programming and everything that has to do with hacking and game hacking. I have started out with C# like two weeks ago and I spend around 2-3 hours per day, each day, on programming. I have around 4-5 printed books as well as tons of ebooks and tutorials on the internet and I spend normally around 1-2 hour on reading and 1-2 on writing code.

The thing is that I find this really fun, like i have never felt so stimulated as i feel when i read about or do programming. It is very challenging and it takes alot of energy doing this, which is why i dont spend more time than 3-4 hours per day. After all, i have a full time job to take care of, so i guess the time and effort i put down is quite good.

The reason why i started with this is because i have felt so bored and frustrated lately. I have felt like i just wake up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep, and i do this all the week and on the weekend i go mindlessly partying and then i just repeat the same thing.

So instead of just playing games and just spend time on boring stuff I started to read some books etc about programming to give it a try, and I got really caught into it. Like i said, its easily the most fun and stimulating thing i have ever done in my life, I rather spend my weekend (like today) on reading about programming and learning instead of going out.

This is also the reason to why I am doing this thread.

There are alot of skilled programmers/hackers here and I obviously want the same knowledge as you possess. My question to you is how did you become so good? Where did you learn everything? How long did it take to become a good programmer?

I am 20 atm and I aim going to the university in Jan 2015 which is in a little more than half a year. I wanna study something that involves programming so I wanna get as good as I possible can until then. I think Im learning quite fast, i dont really consider myself a natural, but I do think I learn it fast. I have always been good at logical stuff and even if im learning it step by step the things I learn feels so logical! Its beautiful how logical it really is.

Thing is, I wanna learn so much. I wanna learn not only C#, but also C++, C, Perl, PHP, Python etc. I wanna learn everything there is to learn about assembly and machine language and how a CPU truly works (down on the low levels with cache, registry etc). I wanna learn Linux and Kali/Backtrack and learn how to use exploits and further in future I wanna learn how to make my own exploits, I also wanna learn game hacking, to make my own aimbots etc. I dont plan on become a hacker that does things for malicious purposes, I just wanna learn it for the knowledge, I wanna truly understand how a computer works, I wanna understand how the process in the CPU works on detail level, from the moment it gets the instruction and executes it, how does the computer go through the code of instructions bit by bit? I wanna get a higher understanding of how everything works, almost everything in our society runs by or in connection with computers, if you truly understand and know how it all works, then you have a great deal of power. And I want that.

As you can see, there is alot that I wanna learn. And the biggest problem I have, which is why I am contacting you, is that I wanna learn it all at once. So once again, how did you learn all that you can? In what "order" did you learn all this? And what order do you think I should learn all the above?

For example, since I have already started with C# and purchased material and stuff Im gonna stick to it, atleast until I know it on a decent level. But after that, what should I learn? Should I go over to C, C++ or some other language? When should I learn assembly, and at what time would it be good to start learning Linux and everything it has to offer (bash scripting etc)? I know it will take like 5+ years until you are considered a good coder, unless maybe you are a natural, so I know that learning all this stuff will take a huge amount of time. But as I said, this is the most fun and stimulating thing Ive done, so I dont really see what else I would do with my time.

I live in Sweden so english is not my native language, Im sorry if the text is a little bit disjointed.

Cheers! :)


Dank Tier VIP
May 19, 2013
Well learning all this stuff at once isn't a good approach I guess. I started with C++ and now moved to reversing with OllyDbg but I don't consider myself an experienced coder yet. I'm just starting out. :)
I don't know how much you've learned about programming until now, but I suggest you to stick to the subject you're learning until you think you got the basic understanding of how it works.
Then you can either learn more in depth stuff or move on to another section of programming/hacking which is quite familiar to the last one.

I think the fastest way to learn all this stuff is by keeping your thirst for knowledge constantly at the highest level you can. :D
Jun 8, 2014
I'm glad you've taken a serious interest in Programming, coding sure is a great way to go. Although I know quite a bit in a few languages, there's always more to learn.
I would suggest you start off at the higher level languages and create some basic programs at first, that seemed to be easiest for me when I started. As you continue to read, you should get into lower and lower levels so you can better understand everything about what the code is actually doing.
I'd transition like this, C#/Java -> C++ -> Assembly. Now Assembly you probably could learn in one sit down, but actually going in and reading that stuff in the disassembler when game hacking, you really have to rely on memory searching to know which region of code you're reading. Either way, pointers are a must know I highly recommend looking into that.

There's really no real way to 'learn' all the languages you seek at once, like.. in a very short time frame. It will definetely will take several years of consistent study to get well rounded with those.
And anything you read, you should code twice as much. You learn more by doing, than reading but both are certainly important.
Jul 8, 2014
If I correctly understand this , you are maybe asking too much for yourself?
You want to learn every programming languange that exists?
I think its very hard or nearly impossible to become expert at all of them.
you have to make a choice , which one do you like the most?
Also you want to use tools like backtrack, ontop of learning alot of programming languanges, it seems a little hard to me.
In my opinion, you can either be average at all things, or rreally good at one...
Anyways good luck with your learning advernture, sorry if I demotivated you xD