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Sep 20, 2015
Hello everyone,
I'd like to know, how people go about hooking ProcessEvent in x64 architecture since __asm is not a possibility. How do I save the registers of ProcessEvent? obviously pushaq/popaq? But, __asm is not enabled. Masm script? Olly edit?
Also, will TheFeckless UE3 SDK Gen work if I compile it under x64 architecture and plug qwords in or is it more of a hassle then that?


Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
Define it as a normal function by its calling convention (which you don't even have to worry about knowing it's x64 it will be __fastcall) and arguments and access its arguments like you normally would. You don't necessarily have to have it as an naked function.


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Oct 11, 2012
You're in luck, I plan to do a lot of UE3 in the near future. If you are patient with me and give me a few weeks, I'll have some stuff up. At the moment though, to answer your question, look at the following website.

However, I do wish to express a concern. You wish to save the registers in process event? While olly dbg is one way you could see these flags, you can write a program that does it for you. The link I've provided should help you a little.
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