Solved Point Addresses Manual vs Pointer Scans

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Sep 1, 2012
Hi guys!

I've pretty much spent the last 3-5 days doing nothing but watching Fleep videos and applying the techniques. I'm going with basic stuff and slowly moving onto more complex things. There are a few topics I've learned that weren't covered in Fleep's tutorials.

First off, despite the fact that you've successful figured out the static base pointer that points to the chain of pointers, that ultimately point to the value you want to hack, that static address CAN change. This is due to the fact that the address is written in HEX, and is an absolute address.

Addresses that don't change, and written relative to the process itself. For "game.exe" + 00B00BS vs some pointer chain starting at 0x17702134.

I generally get the base static address within minutes of scanning for the value.

I've read online that in order to turn the absolute address so that it's a relative address, we need to use another program to determine the base address of the desired process.

The other way around it is to use pointer scans, which are relative by default, but do take a lot of time.

I imagine using a program to get the base address method should be fastest, but does anyone else have experience in this matter? Is it a simple matter of using a program to find the base address of the process, and then do some math?

Thanks in Advance.


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Jan 21, 2014
doing it the manual way is better 90% of the time. But pointer scanning is just too easy. It saves alot of work. But doing it manually is often the best way. Plus you won't learn if you only use the scanner.

All tools can show relative offsets, just learn how to use them. you don't need different tools for base addresses

Please do the tutorials
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May 27, 2012
OllyDbg will give you the base address of the Executable Module then you can use that base address + 0x1337 or what ever the address is.




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Jul 19, 2012
PEiD should give you the game base aswell, if I'm correct :)


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Sep 1, 2012
I believe you guys answered my question. I'm trying to avoid coding right now. Building up my basics on finding addresses, getting addresses that are permanent, and then down the line, writing code to do something programmatic with the addresses.

Reading from everyone's response, it confirms my belief that there's:

1. The math method: Manually find addresses, use IDA to get base address, then calculate the difference to arrive at the relative address.
2. There's the write and then use a program method, write a program to read the module's address, and then do method 1.
3. There's always the pointer scan method. Which is more time consuming, but you wouldn't need a programming background to do it.

Did I sum it up properly?
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