Video Tutorial Playdead's INSIDE: Finding Values WIth No Indicators, Registry Substitution

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Apr 10, 2016
Playdead's INSIDE: Finding Values With No Indicators, Registry Substitution

The #1 question I am asked at least 15 times a day is usually in regards to
"I cannot find a value" or "How can I find a particular value with no indicators.."
So what do we do? Well first and fore most. ALWAYS try to find some type of Indicator.
EG: Glow effects, char reactions, music variations, etc...Usually there will be some type of indicator that signals a change is coming.

But here, we have no bar, or much of anything to indicate to us impending death via drowning.
All attempts at finding a value of an imaginary breath bar failed so what we can we do?
Let's see if it may be a TIMER VALUE instead.

Here we take a look into treating a nonexistent bar like a timer, and direct byte manipulate the registry writing our values.
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