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Apr 8, 2013
Pay Day 2 Script Genie​
by Kopuz

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PD2Script Genie is NOT A TRAINER, PD2Script Genie is a custom lua script builder designed to overwrite the .lua files that your trainer uses.

PD2Script Genie currently has 75 scripts in its library more will be added over time.

Keep PD2SGenie.exe in the same directory as:
"Pay Day 2 Script Library"
"My Scripts"

Please don't edit or move the scripts from the library otherwise you will encounter some issues with PD2 Script Genie, if you wish to modify the scripts make a copy and edit that or of-course edit them within Pay Day 2 Script Genie ;).

All scripts within the library have been pulled off the internet from various websites, I take no credit for any of the scripts held in the library i can only take credit for creating the application to build, edit and organize them.

Credits to the original script authors has been given, if you wish to see your scripts in Pay Day 2 Script Genie's library email me at

Don't forget to check for updates! Pay Day 2 Script Genie will be updated on a regular basis to smooth out any known issues.

Pay day 2 Script Genie (Quick Tutorial)
#Choose what type of script you want by selecting a category from the drop down list or scroll through the tabs.

#Check the boxes of the scripts you want to use.

#If you have the option to input a value then enter your desired value *most of the values that can be changed are multipliers.

#Click "Import to Script" this needs to be done on every tab/category.

#Once you are done and you have the script you desire click "File" and then "Save" as a ".lua"

#Some scripts will only work if you are host these are marked with "Blue" text.
Peace Out!

Screen Shot

Larger .PNG Screen Shot (Click to View)


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Oct 29, 2012
Nice share thanks. Will be checking this out.


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Jul 6, 2013
I don't play PD2 but this looks good. Thanks for uploading.


Dec 4, 2013
hey Kopuz,
thank you very much for this useful script prog :)

greetz ABartX
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