Discuss Passing by reference/pointer for efficiency

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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Passing by reference eliminates the re-creation of structures in the scope of the called function. When do you recommend doing this to be efficient? Do you guys have a "limit" like, if the structure is over 32 bytes pass by reference, otherwise just pass by value? Cuz that's kinda what I've been doing, just curious what you guys do


Dank Tier VIP
May 19, 2013
If the "structure" is bigger than 4 bytes which is the size of a pointer I pass it by reference/pointer ^^


Meme Tier VIP
Aug 19, 2012
depense realy much for me, since if i need to pass e.g. a layout to an object, then i can do it with a ptr if its wished that the modifications of the layout will be applied in the object, if not i let it be copied, then i can modify the layout for other things/objects without actively create a new layout etc

And I dont like reference, because if you use a ptr you will see it, if you use a reference it looks like a normal var which can lead to mistakes in big projects
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