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May 15, 2016
So I can run cheat engine with its dbk64 driver loaded, which allows me to read memory of a game (without loading the driver I can't get a handle to the game)

So my question is as my hack is written in c++, Can I use that handle which CE gets in my hack?

I mean I can't use c++ openprocess as the game's anticheat doesn't allow me to open a handle to the game, So I use Cheat Engine driver to open an handle and CE works fine. How can I implement that into my hack?

How can I make a driver like dbk64( Cheat engine's driver) to use it for my c++ hack?

Or can I use cheaters engine's driver to open a handle to the game?

Or can I open the process in CE then pass the handle to my c++ hack so it has access to process?

Thanks for your time!



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Jun 25, 2014
read the cheat engine source, then mimic how they get handles from their driver
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