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Aug 21, 2020
What are ways to support GH other than sharing code used in hacks?

I'm going to hit up the last donation package next, but after that it doesn't seem like there's a way for me to support the site.

I saw Rake expressing frustration that people utilize the site to create hacks they end up selling and was wondering if there was a way where people could do both -- gather information to create cheats they may end up selling AND continue to support the efforts here at GH?

Are there any monthly subscription packages for recurring support available?

If financial support isn't viewed as being equal to content, I could look into creating tutorials based on what I've learned once I complete the current project im working on.

Just wondering as I truly do value what GH has provided here and want to ensure that I'm giving back. I don't want to be viewed as a leech or looked down on so I want to make sure I'm giving back in ways that I can.

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Feb 19, 2018
Contribute to GH

Here is a whole thread by Rake on how to contribute to GH. I will just share few things from that thread.
  1. Sign up on GH patreon
  2. Make a cool video tutorials on how to do something hacking or programming related.
  3. Subscribe to GH Youtube channel
  4. Share our links to forum and youtube on other forums, reddit, etc...
  5. Share some code snippets in our thread Share random code snippets
  6. Basically anything you can think of that could help GH either promoting itself or making cool content for users on the forum.
I'm glad you like the content here and want to help. We need more people to help the community. You have (y) from me :)
Attention! Before you post:

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How to make a good post:

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If you do not comply, your post may be deleted.  We want to help, please make a good post and we will do our best to help you.

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