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Aug 13, 2012
Hello, I've been learning a lot about C++, and been creating small little useless programs from my lessons i learned. But i'm wondering how i can open up other people's source codes that they give out. For example, when i downloaded one of Fleep's source code from a tutorial, i wanted to modify the code and see how it would change up the program, but i didn't know where to open up the code. There are several files inside the folder i downloaded from fleep, but didn't know which to open up or where the start/first file was.

thank you
May 20, 2012
A lot of people only tend to give out header files, when that is the case you need to create your own project to add them in.
If you are opening someones full source you will find a .SLN file within the folders and that is your solution, just click that and the whole program will open itself.

Jun 8, 2012
Try the one mentioned by fleep. If there is no .sln file and they provided only the .cpp and .h files then create a new project in the respective IDE and add those files to it. For example with a C++ project, in VC++ IDE, Click on the new project icon in toolbar and give a name to the project.

Then in the solution explorer(which could be in either side of the IDE. If not, then you can enable them using View->other Windows->solution explorer) right click on the project name and click on "add->New Item"/"add-> existing item(To add an existing file in your computer)".

Either copy/paste the code if used add-> New item or just select the files that are needed to be added to the project if add -> existing item is selected.

Then in your IDE under solution explorer, you can view the files which could be double clicked to view the contents.

I hope this could help.