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May 19, 2013
So I figured out how to do a perfect string based model recognition for UrbanTerror.
As far as I'm aware of there is no tutorial out there doing this my way (through glVertexPointer) so, yea that is a new way of doing things.
You can use this in combination with my UrbanTerror Texture Dump to do some interesting things.

What you can do with it

// contains the current texture being drawn
char* pcCurTex = new char[40]; // important texture paths are less than 40 chars long
DWORD dwEbxDump = NULL;

void WINAPI hooked_glVertexPointer(GLint size, GLenum type, GLsizei stride, const GLvoid* pointer)
	__asm mov dwEbxDump, ebx; // dump ebx register
	pglVertexPointer(size, type, stride, pointer); // call original glVertexPointer

void WINAPI hooked_glDrawElements(GLenum mode, GLsizei count, GLenum type, const GLvoid * indices)
	// ensure valid ptr
	if ((char*)dwEbxDump != NULL)
		memset(pcCurTex, 0, 40);
		memcpy(pcCurTex, (char*)dwEbxDump, 39);
		pcCurTex[39] = '\0';

		if (strstr(pcCurTex, "models") != NULL)
			if (strstr(pcCurTex, "/players/") != NULL)
				// currently drawing a swat player
				if (strstr(pcCurTex, "swat") != NULL)
					// disable depth test? chams? xqz wallhack?
				// currently drawing a terrorist player
				else if (strstr(pcCurTex, "tag") != NULL)
					// disable depth test? chams? xqz wallhack?

	pglDrawElements(mode, count, type, indices); // call original glDrawElements
It doesn't seem like much (hardly 40 lines of code) but it takes its time to figure them out. Getting the texture pointer from glBindTexture instead will let you miss some interesting textures.
So it took me some time of learning C++ and reversing to get this point.

I think it was worth it.
Thanks for this awesome community!

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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Very creative Liduen! Someday when I have time I will try to use this method on Assault Cube.
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