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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Been playing around with this Quake3 (IDTech3 engine) game named OpenArena.

You can download the game here:

Just a few pointers and offsets to get started:

Still working on the rest of the goods :p


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Gave thanks cus Boobs
No more boobs, just codenz:

OpenArena Entitylist and offsets for aimbot or ESP

class playerstate;
class gclient;
class gclientArray;

class playerstate
	__int32 timer; //0x0000 
	__int32 N00022D22; //0x0004 
	__int32 viewbob; //0x0008 
	__int32 crouchorjump; //0x000C 
	__int32 N00022D25; //0x0010 
	Vector3 pos; //0x0014 
	Vector3 velocity; //0x0020 
	__int32 shootTimer; //0x002C 
	__int32 N00022D2D; //0x0030 
	__int32 N00022D2E; //0x0034 
	__int32 N00022D2F; //0x0038 
	__int32 N00022D30; //0x003C 
	__int32 N00022D31; //0x0040 
	__int32 jump; //0x0044 
	__int32 N00022D33; //0x0048 
	__int32 N00022D34; //0x004C 
	__int32 N00022D35; //0x0050 
	__int32 N00022D36; //0x0054 
	char pad_0x0058[0x34]; //0x0058
	__int32 clientnum; //0x008C 
	__int32 weapon; //0x0090 
	__int32 shootingstate; //0x0094 
	Vector3 angle; //0x0098 
	__int32 height; //0x00A4 
	char pad_0x00A8[0x10]; //0x00A8
	__int32 health; //0x00B8 
	__int32 N00022D50; //0x00BC 
	__int32 N00022D51; //0x00C0 
	__int32 N00022D52; //0x00C4 
	__int32 armor; //0x00C8 
	char pad_0x00CC[0x2C]; //0x00CC
	__int32 kills; //0x00F8 
	__int32 hits; //0x00FC 
	__int32 rank; //0x0100 
	__int32 team; //0x0104 
	__int32 NumSpawns; //0x0108 
	char pad_0x010C[0x4]; //0x010C
	__int32 clientNumOfAttacker; //0x0110 
	char pad_0x0114[0x4]; //0x0114
	__int32 deaths; //0x0118 
	char pad_0x011C[0x5C]; //0x011C
	__int32 ammo0; //0x0178 
	__int32 ammo1; //0x017C 
	__int32 ammo2; //0x0180 
	__int32 ammo3; //0x0184 
	__int32 ammo4; //0x0188 
	__int32 ammo5; //0x018C 
	__int32 ammo6; //0x0190 
	__int32 ammo7; //0x0194 
	__int32 ammo8; //0x0198 
	__int32 ammo9; //0x019C 
char pad_0x01A0[0x34]; //0x01A0


class gclient : public playerstate
	char pad_0x01D4[0x2C]; //0x01D4
	char name[36]; //0x0200 
char pad_0x0224[0x61C]; //0x0224


class gclientArray
	gclient clients[64]; //0x0000 

And da magic pointer:
gclientArray * clients = (gclientArray*)*(DWORD*)0x1F4BB44;
And da proof:
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