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Jun 19, 2014
i was looking for unlock cvar on urban terror , like r_shownormals , cvar cheat or cvar read only
i see a topic who speak about that ( ) thanks liduen for send me this topic :D

0041F6EB |. 74 3D JE SHORT ioUrbanT.0041F72A ; jump to Enable CVAR, wont happen
0041F6EB |. 74 3D JNE SHORT ioUrbanT.0041F72A ; jump to Enable CVAR, will happen
this 2 lines above working fine for 4.1 but for 4.3 i don't see anything who looks likes so i can't unlock cvar locked ( so it's not working because i can't found this line ) , so if anyone can help me or just confirm to me it's impossible ( lol )
and second problem , i don't know how you search the line with ollybdg , i try ctrl + f but it's not working lol , same for this , Open ollydbg and attach it to the game-> open the exe module-> right click and search for referenced strings-> search for the string. i don't have the referenced string , like this screenshot :
thanks for trying to help me ^^


Dank Tier VIP
May 19, 2013
Modify binary
0043ED06 | E9 29 FF FF FF 90
to enable cvars

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